Lizzy & Mason C.

Lizzy and Mason are holding steady

November 21, 2017

Mason and Lizzy have been super busy!

"Mason is on chemo drug to control his GVHD. Sometime is makes him feel yucky, but typically he feels pretty good. He attends school full-time and loves it! All the kids in his class love him, and I don't blame them! He still goes every 3 weeks to get an IVIG infusion to boost his immune system, and has to return to Cincinnati every 6 weeks for a check-up. All in all he is doing well. He still has plenty of struggles, though.

Lizzy is still well. She does continue to have some infections that a tricky to get rid of – even though she has a functioning immune system, sometimes it's not as strong as normal person. She is still as spunky as ever and loves to sing!

As for us, Jeff is still working a ton, I am loving working again, and I start school in January for my business degree. My goal is to start an non-profit and continue advocating for rare diseases. We have also been working on adapting our house so it is more accessible to the kids and their dwarfism. Since they will always be small, we want to make life just a little easier for them.

Our local Chive Chapter has chosen us for their RAK-mas and we are pretty excited!"