The community that made Liam’s Christmas

January 4, 2017

Liam didn’t want toys for Christmas like a lot of boys his age.  He further proved how special he truly is by asking to receive Christmas cards instead.

That's when Chive Charities stepped in and asked Chive Nation to make Liam's holidays special. He was beyond excited by the tremendous amount of cards he received this holiday season!  Liam’s mother, Cheryl, gave us exciting news about the impact these cards had on Liam.  “Liam has finally started vocalizing!  It started on Christmas day while I was showing him all of his cards.  He is now starting to babble and says “yeah” when asked a yes or no question and shakes his head for no.”

“I am really very grateful for all of the kind hearts who took the time to send some Christmas cheer my little angel's way.”  

Check out the video of Liam vocalizing below. We're so proud to be a part of your progress, Liam!