Lauren M.

Lauren has long lasting love for Raffi!

October 18, 2018

Lauren has been having a really good year!

When Lauren was very young, it became apparent that music was a great love of hers.  Lauren grew up listening to Raffi with her older sister Katie and as she got older, that never changed. Lauren’s love of Raffi has been constant and she recently had the opportunity to see him live in concert! 

Lauren’s Mom, Rachel, shared that “The day of the concert, Lauren was so excited. The whole car ride she smiled from ear to ear. Lauren enjoyed every minute of it, smiling and just looking at me like, wow, it’s really him!”. After the concert, Lauren had the chance to meet her idol, and when Raffi saw Lauren, he started singing Baby Beluga to her and she was in love!  Her smile was a million watts!