Kole’s van truly is a life-saver

September 28, 2017

After Hurricane Irma hit Kole’s hometown of Port St. Lucie, Florida, his home was one of many without power for seven long days.

The family's generator ran long enough to perform his medical treatments, but they took refuge in the van to keep him cool in the air conditioning. Kole's mom explained he had been sick with pneumonia the Thursday prior to Irma's landfall, but because they have the wheelchair-accessible van, they could take him back and forth to the doctor and avoid being admitted to the hospital. 

The first photo above is of Kole while the power was out, hot and sweaty and ready for some AC! The second is after power was restored and "he grew a mustache because he became so manly and tough!" Thanks for the laugh, Cat! She also shared how immensely grateful they were and are for the gift Chive Charities gave them: "I can never say thank you to everyone sufficiently." 

Truly, her words are all the thanks we need. KCCO, Kole and fam!

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