Kenley M.

Kenley is scheduled for Surgery

April 16, 2019

Recently, doctors discovered that Kenley has Sagital Craniosynostosis or Scaphocephaly.

This condition can occur when certain bones in the skull fuse prematurely. Kenley is scheduled to undergo surgery and will have an external ventricular drain (EVD) implanted, this device is used in neurosurgery to treat hydrocephalus and relieve elevated intracranial pressure when the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid inside the brain is obstructed. In addition to the EVD, Kenley will have an Intracranial Pressure Monitor placed on her brain to help doctors measure the pressure on her head. Kenley will remain in the hospital for 2 weeks while her intracranial pressure is monitored. Shortly after the 2 week monitoring period, Kenley will undergo a major surgery, called a Cranial Vault Reconstruction to reconstruct her skull. 

Kenley’s Mom, Morgan shared that "Its going to be stressful and painful for Kenley but eventually they think she will be a lot happier and have a better quality of life.” 

Morgan also shared just how much Kenley’s grant items have helped her, sharing "she uses the mats nearly every day doing her own tumbling stuff and has learned to do back bends, cart wheels and the splits! The playground has been a HUGE assest for her physical therapy at home. The home therapist loved it last summer for her!  Her seizure watch has been an essential part in her well being. I can see how she is while at school which is a huge relief for me and the carseat is great, she loves it and has figured out that it has built in speakers for her music ! She thinks its the best thing ever!"