Kellan bulldozes forward

October 18, 2016

Kellan has Pallister-Killian Syndrome, caused by the presence of an abnormal extra chromosome and causing weak muscle tone, intellectual disabilities and seizures among other health complications. Chive Charities helped build Kellan his own therapy room addition to the Wood’s house and outfit it with plenty of therapy and sensory items.

Kellan's mother, Misti, tells us that Kellan is doing really well. She told us that his ketogenic diet has worked wonders, decreasing his number of siezures drastically. It's worked so well that he's been able to ween off one of his seizure medications while working to wean off 3 others.  While his development had slowed because of the seizures, lately he is blowing his family away with his advancements. Misti told us that Kellan has been taking steps by himself in his gait trainer again. "His army crawl turned into a bulldoser crawl," Misti said. "His personality has blossomed as well, and let me tell you, Kellan is a funny funny little guy. He is still very much enjoying his therapy room, and he knows that it is his space.”