Jayden M.

Jayden is staying in the game

December 27, 2019

Jayden is defying the odds and taking things one day at a time! His family wrote in to let us know that Jayden has been doing very well despite dealing with chronic headaches and neck pain. He’s also been having some difficulty with his feet and may need to have surgery to correct some issues occurring as he grows. Jayden has surprised them all in what he’s been able to do!

Though it was predicted that Jayden would never be able to play sports, he is working and practicing hard tochange that narrative. Thankfully, adapted sports are a great fit for Jayden.

His mother wrote: "Thanks again to Chive Charities we are able to haul his equipment with us in the van. Jayden also met JD Danforth, a motivational speaker, who told Jayden that he can do anything if he believes in himself. Jayden walked away with that saying “yep he’s right and that’s why I can do what doctors said I can’t”.