Jamie Lynn M.

Jamie Lynn Goes To the Beach

May 13, 2020

And she makes friends everywhere she goes!

Using her grant-funded van, Jamie Lynn and her family were able to visit the beach this past September! It was her first time there and she had such a great time, including making friends with a seagul and naming him T-Shirt. It was such a treat for the whole family and they hope to be able to do it again soon. 

She is also happy to report that with the help of a local non-profit, she was able to  remodel her bathroom. This has helped so much with her mobility needs and the entire family is so grateful to finally have it finished. While the bathroom renovations have definitely helped, Jamie Lynn is still searching for ways to be able to use the restroom as independantly as possible and is looking for the right equiptment that can help her do that. Regardless of the challenges, Jamie Lynn continues to smile and bring joy to everyone around her.

Thank you Jamie Lynn for being exactly who you are and thank you Chive Charities donors for helping this little girl's beach dreams come true!