Ivan A.

Ivan hangs out at Seacrest Studios

February 19, 2020

Things haven't been all sunshine for Ivan, but he's had some very happy days mixed in with the hard ones. In January, Ivan spent 13 days in the hospital. He had a port put in, had a bronchoscopy and then got sick with two viruses. Luckily, he was able to heal and come home with his mom. 

After those struggles, Ivan got to have a ton of fun at Seacrest Studios, which is an in-house multimedia broadcast center that connects children with medical conditions with musicians and artists. Ivan met country star Randy Travis, who has had strokes and is most nonverbal but smiled the whole time just like Ivan smiles. Ivan was able to ask questions and interview his Randy's who answered for him. Ivan also interviewed Ryan Seacrest, Dan and Shay, Halsey, Kings of Leon, Brett Eldridge and then was able to call from his room in the ICU  to interview the Jonas Brothers!

Ivan clearly has big things going on and he couldn't get there without transportation! Ivan's mom wanted to let all you donors know that the effects of your gift of the van are still felt and appreciated every single day. "I could not do this had it not been for the Chive family helping," she said, "and I will forever be thankful!"