Ginny S.

Ginny Can’t Stop Smiling!

April 30, 2020

Ginny’s family has so many wonderful updates that we are thrilled to share with you all!

The family moved to Kentucky so that Ginny could attend Kindergarten at her mom's school and now she is a Kindergarten graduate! As her mother reports

"She was in the life skills class, which is a special needs classroom. Ginny's amazing therapist has loaned us a walker that we have been able to put her in so that she can be upright and more active with us. She sits up on her own more now!  

Ginny now says momma, bubba, and uh oh. We are working on dada, but for now she yells “daaaaa” super loud to get daddy’s attention!  

We were super lucky to have some awesome people from Clarksville Chive to help us this year! We had a dresser donated to us for Ginny to use as a changing table- they added a rail at the top for a changing mat and so she didn’t roll off!  We also were lucky enough to have Santa visit our house! An admin of Clarksville Chive set it up, and another member came dressed as Santa and brought the kids books. We had a Chive Charities goodie basket delivered by a Clarksville chive member. I can’t say enough about Clarksville Chive. They know I’m the crazy baby food lady (because we use so much for Ginny) and they have helped us with Ginny so much through the years. Several of them have even messaged me to make sure that we had everything we needed during this shut down. 

We also found out that Ginnys going to have another sibling which was completely unplanned and unexpected so things are a bit crazier than usual! 

Thank you for being such an amazing organization! We love the Chive, Chive Charities, and our local chive!"

Doesn't that just warm your heart? Chive On Ginny, you are destined for great things!