Emberlyn is having so much fun!

February 4, 2017

Emmy is absolutely living every day to the fullest! Her imagination, determination, and positive spirit are truly inspiring, and there’s just no telling how far this little spitfire can go.

Her mom gave us a glimpse of what Emmy's been up to lately, and it sure sounds like things are going well for this sweet little girl.

Some of her current faves:

--"Let it Go" from the movie Frozen: "When we get in the car and before I can even get her in her car seat and the car started, she is yelling from the back of the van for me to play it in the car, and when the song is close to the end, she starts yelling to listen again. Ellyna is so over it now, telling her to be quiet and it hurts her ears. Ha ha, sisters."

--Doing everything older sister Ellyna is doing: "When I ask a question, she waits for Ellyna to answer so she can say the  same thing. She has to do everything Ellyna does and plays with everything Ellyna plays with."

--Being independent and wanting to walk on her own: "When I'm carrying her or go to pick her up, she screams 'No Mommy, I walk!' She would rather be on the floor walking on her little legs that she does have."

--Copping a 'tude: "She has got that attitude of a 3-year-old already, which she learned from her sister. At times she is so cute when she gets upset with me that it's hard not to laugh."

--Mom's iPhone: "She is always asking me to FaceTime [her cousin] Charlotte, her Mammy (great-grandam), Grandma (my mom), and Poe (grandpa). Oh, and she loves taking my phone and take selfies.

--Making mischief: "She is always on the go, getting into things she shouldn't be, like the refrigerator and mommy's things. She never stops and she thinks she can run away from me when she is in trouble or has to do something she doesn't want to."

We're so glad Emmy is doing so well, and so thankful for Chive Nation's support. KCCO, y'all!