Elizabeth B.

Elizabeth passed away

September 12, 2016

Elizabeth’s long-time school nurse, Kathleen Moses, reached out to us recently with the heart-breaking news that Elizabeth has passed away.

“Elizabeth passed away Monday, September 12th," Kathleen told us.  "She passed peacefully in her sleep.  Until the end, she was vibrant Elizabeth.  The weekend before she passed, Elizabeth went on a date with her good friend, they went to dinner and a movie.  On Sunday she went to church with her dad.  She went to bed Sunday night and never woke.  She will be greatly missed, most of all by her dad, Leo.  

Leo came in to donate all of Elizabeth's adaptive equipment to our school.  I can't look at it without crying.  Leo is going to keep Elizabeth's lift van.  Elizabeth's older sister has MS, and there are days she has difficulty getting around.  Leo knows this gift will still be needed in the future.  This is a gift that keeps on giving.

Elizabeth's wake was on 9/16 , she was dressed in the prom dress she wore in May, to her last prom.  Leo styled her hair, his final act of love to his very special girl.  

Thank you for giving a wonderful family a much needed amazing act of kindness."

-Kathy Moses