Elizabeth B.

Elizabeth has had an eventful few months!

May 26, 2016

Over the course of winter, Elizabeth spent 20 days at the Dartmouth hospital across the state and then another 7 at the local hospital. But she made it back to school just in time for her prom!

Kathy, the school nurse who filled out Elizabeth's application for her after the sudden loss of her mother said "she looked radiant in a pink dress her father made." Elizabeth even made the front page of the local newspaper! You can read the story here.

In a few months Elizabeth will be transitioning to adult services, which means she is GRADUATING! This news is bittersweet for Kathy and the rest of the nursing team, Elizabeth has been with them since she was just three years old. She will graduate on June 16th, her 21st birthday.

But Kathy has no fear for her future: "Elizabeth is a warrior, she is a fighter, she is strong willed, and has a great sense of humor.  She is just like her dad.  They both love their new van and Leo is able to transport Elizabeth safely to the hospital, her numerous doctor's appointments and to school every day.  Every time Leo pulls to school in his new van, I smile.  The past year has been very difficult for Elizabeth's family, and not having to worry about transportation has been a gift like no other.  Thank you for the wonderful work you do, you have made a huge difference in their lives."

KCCO, Kathy, Elizabeth, and Leo!