Denver W.

Denver’s life is full of happiness

August 15, 2017

Denver turned 12 this year!

Life is busy but great as summer comes to a close. Denver spent some time at summer camp this year, and had a wonderful counselor to make it a great experience. The family squeezed in a quick beach vacation, Denver's happy place, and are just starting to be free of all the sand that made it home in his swim trunks! One of the coolest things they shared about their summer was how they're so much happier after meeting Chive Charities:

"We still consider ourselves to be fortunate to have been chosen, and to this day, almost 3 years later, we see a visible change in our outlook. Our jobs are better, lives are better, and this is all because we finally realized someone cared about us and our struggles. We came out of our depressive shell and introduced our family to the world in all it's glory and have never looked back. Denver uses his room daily and we continue to keep it pure and for sensory activities only. I continually tell people the changing point In our lives was when Chivers showed their unconditional love to us. We are forever indebted to our Chive family!"

That's amazing, but the pleasure is ours. Have a great year in middle school, Denver!