Dawnavyn M.

Dawnavyn’s patio is complete!!

April 21, 2015

The patio is complete! The extension is finished! This way there is more than one entrance to the patio from the house. It makes it easy for Dawnavyn and her family to get the most use out of it that they can. The shade gives her relief from the direct sunlight, and she’s never on her front porch anymore. So much so that she joked, “My neighbors are probably wondering what happened to that ‘crazy porch lady!’”

Dawnavyn enjoying some quality porch time with her husband!

At the end of this month, Dawnavyn will undergo brain surgery #6. Doctors will be putting in a different type of VP shunt that they hope will do the trick. She is still having seizures but is making giant strides in managing them. She has triggers that she can respond to when one is coming on, and she has learned how to minimize their negative effects. 

She adds, "Thank you again. For everything."