Cooper M.

So much good news for Cooper

May 2, 2017

Cooper has had a fantastic year! After having extensive brain surgery in October of 2015, he has been nearly seizure-free! Furthermore, he hasn't been in the hospital for the past year, which is a huge difference from where he was prior to surgery. His family moved into their new home in July 2016 and it has made a drastic improvement of day-to-day life for Cooper. They now have a barrier-free shower and shower chair, and can safely move him in and out of the shower freely. Furthermore, Cooper is no longer limited to one floor of the home. With the addition of the elevator, they can transport Cooper to the lower-level of the house so he can enjoy movies and games with his siblings and family. They also use the elevator to transport Cooper is in his standing device, which allows him to maintain physical therapy for a long period of time, numerous times a day, and still be around the family.

Within the last year, Cooper has begun giving high-fives! With some prompting and a huge smile, Cooper will reach out and grab the hand in front of him. He really gets a kick out of doing this and usually will laugh for long while afterward! He'll be starting 4k next year, so these improvements are happening at the pefect time.

Sending virtual high fives to Cooper and his family!