Cooper M.

Cooper’s got a new groove!

June 1, 2018

Cooper has always loved music and rhythm and while on vacation in Florida he heard Reggae music for the first time at dinner and graced the other patrons with his humming and cooing to the beat! Keep on jammin’ Cooper!

At school, Cooper has made fantastic progress, he has learned how to scoot across the floor so he can engage with others in the classroom. Even though Cooper is unable to walk and talk, he finds other ways to get around and communicate. Cooper likes to give high-fives and enjoys laughing and resisting giving high-fives to play with some of his teachers and friends. He is meeting many of the goals that have been set for him and is really developing a joyful and easy-going personality! At home, Cooper has been working on standing and crawling. He now has a therapy swing in the lower level of the home that he can access with the elevator from Chive Charities.