Chloe P.

Chloe has had a roller coaster 2016

August 13, 2016

Chloe’s fight against her aggressive developmental disorder, Rett Syndrome, has reached both highs and lows this year.

In early 2016, she recovered from a 4-day hospital pneumonia bout only to get regular respiratory infections for weeks. After an orthopedic doctor ordered x-rays on her spine, it was determined that Chloe's scoliosis was so severe that was compromising her left lung. To fix the problem, a 6-hour spinal fusion surgery was needed, during which Chloe lost a lot of blood. After surgery, Chloe's left lung kept collapsing and her new normal included a bipap machine, oxygen, contentious g-tube feedings, cpt machine, suction machine and hourly pulse o2 readings.

However, things started to turn around for Chloe. According to her mother, Julie, "Chloe is no longer on supplemental oxygen or the bipap machine and no more hourly pulse o2 readings. Both of her lungs sound beautiful! She is doing great with her therapies and she smiles and laughs every day.  She is truly amazing."

I would like to thank all of your donors again for the van they gave Chloe. It has made her so comfortable when she has to go to doctor's appointment or visit family. The day she was released from the hospital her dad and I were so nervous bringing her home. She had so much equipment that I might have had to adjust are use on her on our 1 hr drive home. The van made the situation so much easier. She was able to ride in her wheelchair directly behind me. Chive Charities has been a real blessing to our family. Thank you!”