Nat R.

Catching Up with Nat!

June 28, 2024

Last time we saw Nat, Nat and their mom, Myrna, were guests at our 2023 Green Gala.

Nat and Myrna were the life of the party, and it was such a blast to have them there to celebrate with us!

Regarding Green Gala, Nat exclaimed, “The gala was such a blast and an experience we will never forget!”

With this year’s Green Gala coming into question, we wanted to share an update on Nat and the van they received last year.

Nat affectionately named the van, Carlisle, and needless to say, “Carlisle” has been quite the game-changer for Nat.

Nat told us, “The van has given me a freedom I never thought possible," she reflected. "So far this year alone, I've competed in 4 different archery competitions, 2 of which were Paralympic qualifiers, and I have 2 more left for the year."

They continued, "Health-wise, we have a few surgeries on the horizon, but having my power chair and being able to transport it makes everything so much easier. I can recline during long drives and recoveries, plus follow-up care."

Now that the family has the van, the need for the van has only become more evident. Nat told us, “Now, my mom picks up my manual chair and says, 'Was it always this heavy?' Now that she doesn't have to lift it multiple times a day along with me."

This van has transformed Nat’s sense of independence, and has substantially changed Myrna and Nat’s lives for the better.

Although Nat is no longer a recipient with us, Nat (as with all of our past recipients) will always be a part of the Chive Charities family. Nat has continued to read our recent stories to better connect with our recipient community.

Nat shared, “I love reading the stories, whether it’s a van, equipment, or my favorite, like James, who only needed a fence.”

Nat, we appreciate your support, and it is our privilege to have you as a member of our community. We look forward to hearing all that is in store for you as you continue to explore your newfound independence.

Until then, we hope to see you and your mom at this year’s Gala — we’ll meet you guys back on the dance floor!

Nat R.'s Updates

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