Carson F.

Carson’s confidence is climbing!

October 5, 2018

Carson continues to use his physical therapy equipment and has even started to find games to play while doing his exercises to keep things fun!

Carson's Dad Chad shared that "it has helped him a lot with his fine motor skills and a ton with his confidence.”  Carson's motor skills have improved so much so that he has been able to take tennis lessons and play Baseball in a Miracle league. Chad also shared that "We believe that he has really started to blossom and has been willing to take more chances and do things such as the tennis and baseball because he is more confident in himself and a lot of that is because of the amazing people at Chive Charities and the amazing donors.” 

Carson has a big trip planned to Orlando, where he will get some special 1-on-1 Jedi training at Disney thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation. May the force be with you Carson, we can’t wait to see those Jedi moves!