Bryce takes it one day at a time

March 31, 2016

It's been a while since we've heard about how Bryce is doing, and the reason for that is simple: he's been really busy! Mom Kelly reached out to us recently, “We are now in talks with Bryce's developmental pediatrician, and he wants us to meet with a neurologist before we can discuss kindergarten placement, but he is very pleased that Bryce is in a mainstream class (normal kids) with his aide and learning very well. His sleeping is still a huge problem for us, lately he is so jittery, but loves his weighted blanket to calm his legs. His speech lately has been amazing, he can now write his own name!! He continues with daily and weekly therapy which will continue for quite some time due to regression issues coming along the way. I still can't believe he will be somehow starting kindergarten even with everything he has been through that he can still do that! Unfortunately we are missing the conference this year, but hopefully I can have a few of the PMS moms and dads give me updates, as I hear transitioning into full time schooling is difficult for our children.

We are impatiently awaiting all this snow to melt and the mud to dry so we can set up the pool that a MN Chiver so generously said we could have as long as I picked it up, which I did in the pouring rain, I told him had he had a surveillance camera watching me load that up on my own would have made his year! But we know water is a big therapy pleasure for Bryce, and I am determined to do what’s best for him and give him the best outcome possible. Recently on a regular trip to Rochester for one of his many appointments, Bryce got to stand with an Ice sculpture of the HULK!! We love you all, hopefully we can save for MWM 2.0 tickets, and see you guys like last year in Iowa!! One day at a time, live life to the fullest!!!”