Brodie J.

Brodie is recovering from surgery

September 19, 2017

Brodie underwent surgery last week and recovery has been rough for the little guy. 

His mom said Brodie's hips and legs was a lot worse than doctors expected, or had even seen before, so a total of 6 plates were implanted instead of 4. He required an epidural for the surgery, which wasn't removed unti Friday evening. The first two nights post-surgery were incredibly tough for sweet Brodie. Wednesday night, his pain level was so high not even morphine could keep him comfortable, so he was admitted to the PICU. Mom says even changing his diaper was excruciating. Then, his O2 level dropped below 60, requiring supplemental oxygen.

Brodie and his mom moved into a bigger room Sunday and he was much more comfortable and excited to have his trucks and cars to sit in the bed and play. He is getting more like himself every day. Brodie and his mom will stay in Baltimore for at least 4 more weeks for recovery and physical therapy. It's hard being away from the rest of the family, but hopefully this will get Brodie on the right path ASAP. 

Hang in there, Brodie!