Brandi C.

Brandi’s floors are good to go!

April 8, 2020

When we first brought you Brandi's story, things in the world were beginning to get really crazy. Brandi desperately needed her house renovated so that she can safely navigate her own home. Chive Charities came in with the funds, ready to get things rolling and then... the virus happened. Even in the secluded state of North Dakota which at the time seemed extremely insulated from the coronavirus, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find resources and workers to complete the task. That is why, when you read Brandi's story, a huge part of her grant - the flooring- was still unfulfilled. 

We are so thrilled to tell you now that Brandi's flooring is finally set, and she is so thrilled with the results! Her friends and family put in lots of labor to help get Brandi's house safe for her, and you donors provided the funds that made this possible, even in a time when everything seems to feel vaguely impossible. From the bottom of Brandi's heart, and our hearts as well, THANK YOU for making this amazing grant possible, and seeing it through to the end!