Bradan A.

Bradan had a reduction in seizure medication

September 10, 2015

Bradan has been doing really well! Doctors recently decreased his seizure meds because his seizure activity is so much better!

Unfortunately, both of his hips are out of place - a lot worse than before but he doesn't show signs of pain. If the situation doesn't resolve itself, he will have to have his hips operated on.

In better news, Bradan "loves riding in his van every chance he gets!" It's way easier on mom Julie's back, especially because they just purchased an EZ lock for the van which just snaps the wheelchair in place in the van... making it even easier!

Julie added, "We are so very satisfied with the van, thankful for the donors, and everything you and theCHIVE have done for us. You guys have blessed us in so many ways that we didn't think was possible. Thanks again, have a blessed day." KCCO, Bradan!