Bradan A.

After death, Bradan’s family pays it forward

December 10, 2015

Last October, we met Bradan, a sweet and happy 6-year-old with a rare neurological disorder.

When he was only 6 months old, doctors told his mother Julie he had less than a 1% chance of survival. His diagnosis, Tetrahydrobiopterin Deficiency (THBD), lowered Bradan’s ability to fight off normal infections. THBD can also be characterized by intellectual disabilities, seizures, behavioral problems, and inability to control body temperature.

Bradan’s short life was riddled with innumerable obstacles and, on more than one occasion, he was rushed to the ICU because he had stopped breathing. Yet, Bradan never stopped fighting. He enjoyed so many aspects of his life: swimming, singing, being outside, visiting Disney World and seeing all of his favorite characters come to life.