Belle D.

It’s been one year and miles of smiles for Belle

December 7, 2017

On the one-year anniversary of receiving their wheelchair-accessible van, Belle’s parents sent us what can best be called a letter of love and hope.

"This van has forever impacted our lives in a way that is beyond measure. Pre 'Belle Bus,' getting out of the house was quite a task. A simple trip out meant wrangling our ever-growing 3-year-old (at the time), disassembling her wheelchair, unloading and reloading her 'mini hospital' she travels with, and somehow not throwing out our backs in between all of the heavy lifting.

When we received the 'Belle Bus,' it had 39,399 miles on it. As of today, a whole year later, it has 58,195 miles. That is a little under 20,000 miles we have put on the van; 20,000 miles my sweet girl has had the opportunity to ride comfortably in her van; 20,000 miles of memories made; 20,000 miles of seeing all this world has to offer.

A few of those miles were to South Carolina, Washington D.C., and practically all over the state of Florida. Memories were made and I had countless opportunities to shout from the rooftops what an impact Chive Charities has made for our family. We are humbled by their graciousness, thousands of giving hearts, and monetary gifts that made this donation possible all for our Belle.

From the bottom of my heart we are forever indebted to Chive Charities. They saw the need and provided Belle with the opportunity to travel comfortably to and from for all of her outings. This van is so much more than a materialistic item. It is accessibility. It is opportunity. It is equality.

So, Chive Charities thank you from a humbled and forever grateful family."