Angel Flight West

Angel Flight West gives more kids wings

January 7, 2020

Angel Flight West brought us some smiles with this update!

"David is one of four adopted children, two with special needs. He has a rare genetic disorder called Klippel Feil Syndrome in which two or more vertebrae in the neck are abnormally fused together. Untreated, it can cause serious nerve damage and chronic headaches.

The family lives in Orcutt, just an hour north of Santa Barbara, but the specialist he needed to see is 350 miles away at Shriners Children’s Hospital in Sacramento. Our pilots flew him up and back for the initial consultation and we'll be here for him whenever he needs to return." 

Every child deserves to access they care they need, and if it just so happens they can do it in style and with smiles, then that's even better! Angel Flight West, you rock.