Alyssa S.

Things are going swimmingly for Alyssa!

November 12, 2019

"The girl who wasn’t expected to live celebrated her 11th birthday!" We love receiving awesome updates like this one from Alyssa's mom. While Alyssa has been briefly hospitalized a few times this year and undergone 3 surgeries, she has been staying postitive as always and enjoying time with her family. One surgery this past June didn't go so smoothly, and Alyssa had to return to the OR to manage an infection and revise her left rod. Now that she's in recovery, though, the future is looking bright! 

Alyssa and her family were able to take their first cruise to the Carribean this summer, and they had a blast. Alyssa certainly works hard and endures so much; we're happy to see that she and her family got to play hard as well!