Alani O.

Alani has had a great summer!

July 25, 2017

Life has been great since we first met Alani in February!

This summer, Alani went on a Make-A-Wish trip to Disney, where Alani was able to get into the water for the very first time thanks to her wetsuit! Her mom gave us the rundown on how her Chive Charities grant items are helping:

The padded flooring has enabled her play with her sisters on the floor instead of having to sit in a chair, and her cushion goes everywhere with them to keep her comfy on their endless monthly travel. The learning station has taught her not only her alphabet, but also numbers and counting. She is able to identify so many more objects than she ever was before! Her language and understanding has improved so much, her family can hold normal conversations with her with no barriers. Because she's a homebound student, she has gotten tons of use from her computer already. Our Medtronic IPort has made administering her injections so pain-free, she hardly notices them anymore.

Health-wise, Alani has had a few medical issues related to a respiratory illness, but her numbers are great thanks to her extremely strict diet and daily injections, so overall, things are great. Her mom wanted to say:

"We cannot express in words how grateful we are to you and all of the donors who played a part in changing our lives for the better. We can never repay you, just know that we are forever thankful."

Keep up the good work, Alani and family!