Hudson Fire Department continues to improve

August 31, 2018

The Hudson Fire Department shared their latest improvements with us, including: the new bathroom that is now handicap accessible, new appliances, new windows, new man doors throughout the building, and new bay doors that work 100% of the time! The Fire Department got rid of their big box furnaces that hung down from the ceiling and a furnace unit was installed and ducted throughout the building. A new roof with absolutely ZERO leaks was installed along with a new training platform on the roof that will serve as the location for future ladder based trainings as well as protecting the building from dings and bangs on the roof during such training. 

Sadly, the attic had fallen down on top of their fire trucks but, fortunately there was no damage to the trucks and a new ceiling was installed with new low cost LED lighting. The Hudson Fire Department was happy to share the almost final product of the new improved Hudson Fire House that all of the hard work of Chive Nation helped build.

"The Hudson Fire Department is beyond thankful for all the hard work Chive Charities and Chive Nation has done to make this all possible. You all have made Hudson Fire and the Town of Hudson 10% better!” 

Job well done, Chive Nation! KCCO!