Waseca County News // November 15, 2016

Waseca boy honored at national gala

By Suzy Rook, Waseca County News.com

Bryce Thibodeau, a 5-year-old Waseca boy, was honored at a national charity gala Nov. 12.

The honor took place at CHIVE’s fourth annual Green Gala at The Belmont in Austin, Texas, which celebrates those people helped by the national charity movement. This year’s event will be attended by a who’s who of celebrities and athletes including Oscar nominee Ed Norton and professional golfer Pat Perez.

At less than 2, Bryce was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, which includes intellectual disabilities, sleep disorders, and seizures.

It is difficult for Bryce to communicate because he’s nonverbal. The numerous doctor visits and expensive tests have been both costly and stressful for the Thibodeau family. Chive Charities has provided Bryce’s family with an $11,500 grant, which is going toward physical and speech therapy equipment. Find more about Bryce at chivecharities.org/story/bryce.