KEYE TV // January 20, 2016

Strangers donate 13K in less than an hour to help Austin 5th grader


Donations were pouring in Wednesday for an Austin 5th grader battling a rare condition. A year ago, Gershon Thomas was diagnosed with Arteriovenous Malformation -- also known as AVM. As a result, he can no longer speak. However, an Austin based charity is helping him find his voice.

The goal was to raise $10,000 for an eye gaze communication device. After 45 minutes, strangers' donations had exceeded the goal and reached $13,000. As of Wednesday night,Gershon's fundraising page had more than $30,000 in donations. The generosity from total strangers brought Gershon's mom to tears.

"It'll help him talk. It'll give him that voice that he needs until he can get his own," says Gershon's mom, Carla Rolla...

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