KRBK Fox 5 // October 9, 2017

Local family awarded with brand new van to help transport handicap son

By Lakyn McGee, Fox 5 News

SPRINGFIELD, MO (10/09/17) - Born with West Syndrome, Liam is one in every couple thousand births that experience infantile spasms.

“It looked like he was in a lot of pain. As a mom it killed me every time he would have them. It would be in clusters so he’d have up to 20 back to back," says Liam's mother Desiree Byars.

Born, just, at 28 weeks Liam spent 74 days in the NICU. As he continued to grow, so did his visits with doctors.

Desiree says, "At one point in time we had doctor’s appointments every day it seemed like.”

Getting Liam in and out of their  van was beginning to take a toll on them physically. That’s when the Byars family heard about chive charities and applied for a free new vehicle. And was shocked, just a few months later, to find out their lives were going to get a little bit easier.

“When they said they wanted us to have a brand new van we couldn’t believe it," says Desiree. "I think my husband about had a heart attack.”

They’ve only had it just a little over a week, but the family says it has already given them joy with their son they weren’t sure they would have.

“The front seats, actually, move and so he can sit in the front seat which is an experience he’s never had," says Desiree.

Costing around $50,000, their hearts full of joy, the Byars never imagined they would receive the help that they have gotten. And as for the future, they say bringing joy to other families, going through similar experiences, will help raise awareness.

Desiree says, “Hopefully, we can pave the way for other kids to be able to have the same experience.”