News 4 Jacksonville // December 14, 2019

Jacksonville family receives much-needed accessible van

By Jason Mealey of News 4 Jacksonville.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – A Jacksonville family whose son uses a wheelchair received a wheelchair-accessible van Saturday thanks to Chive Charities and Mobility Works.

Shannon Gibson and her son Jason were able to thank the people who made it all possible. Jason, 18, has acute respiratory distress syndrome. It’s a type of severe, acute lung dysfunction affecting all or most of both lungs that occurs as a result of illness or injury. A condition in which fluid collects in the lungs’ air sacs, depriving organs of oxygen.

On May 8, 2019 Jason passed out while at basketball practice and went into cardiac arrest. He suffered anoxic brain injury due to the brain being deprived from oxygen. Jason was healthy teenage boy with no underlying health or heart issues. Jason is now in a quadriplegic state. He goes to therapy three times a week at Brooks rehab facility in Orange Park, Florida and is making some progress. Jason also receiving hospital home bound school services once a week so he can complete his last year of high school.

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