Chicago Cubs Insider // May 29, 2014

If The Chive Builds It, They Will Come: A Ballpark Expansion Worth Talking About

By Even Altman - Chicago Cubs Insider

Pardon me for co-opting an overused quote, but I could think of nothing more fitting to set up the following story. I'm not alone in being intrigued by the latest renderings of the proposed expansion and renovation of Wrigley Field and the surrounding areas, but all the pictures and ensuing discussion reminded me of a much smaller, but perhaps more meaningful, taking place down in Texas.

When I first heard about The Chive, it was as the result of checking out the bio of a former classmate, a guy who told one of our English professors after graduation that he was "going to jump on a plane to LA and become famous." I was a little coy about his website when I wrote that earlier article, but I don't think there's any need to be now.

Even if you've never visited the site, you may well be familiar with The Chive from their increasingly-ubiquitous Keep Calm and Chive On (KCCO) shirts, or maybe the ones with various iterations of Bill Murray's likeness. Or perhaps you've seen bottles of KCCO Black Lager (Grin and Beer It?) on the shelves of your favorite package store.

While it's often their photo galleries, which range from Pinterest fails, to weird and random images, to provocative (Mind the Gap, Hump Day, Tug Life), that garner the most visual attention, The Chive has been making waves lately for a project that tugs not on clothing, but on the heartstrings.

It all started with a man named John Lorek, who had been driving past an empty lot in Hutto, TX for years, imagining the possibilities it held for children like his son Ryne (also my son's name, so I like this guy already), who has cerebral palsy. John saw a place where his son and other local children with special needs could gather to play the game that they loved. But the cost of setting up such a baseball field was simply too great.

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