Good Celebrity // September 28, 2015

Giving a Megaphone to the Underdog: Chive Charities Mission to Do Good

By Alex Ribble - Good Celebrity

Nobody wants to receive that call. The call that tells them their loved one is severely ill, or perhaps even dying. The Weaver family experienced that heartbreak when they found out that their 9 year-old daughter Makayla was diagnosed with Chiari, a brain abnormality that causes severe headaches and compromises her balance. Makayla needed help that insurance wouldn’t cover. That’s when Chive Charities stepped in.

According to Chive Charities Executive Director Brian Mercedes, the organization was made for people like Makayla, those that are seen as the underdog.

Good Celebrity’s Alex Ribble recently sat down with Mercedes to learn more about his heart for Chive Charities and the purpose that drives their fundraising. “These are the causes no one has ever heard of. Insurance companies don’t recognize them as causes that could be treated under insurance. Other charities aren’t helping out their diseases. That’s why Chive Charities’ exists: to help the causes that are unseen,” said Mercedes....

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