KXII Fox 12 // September 23, 2017

Community rallies behind 17-year-old, names him homecoming king

By Alexis Dominguez

SADLER, Tex. (KXII) -- Kings and queens are always a part of high school homecomings and last night at the S&S game, it was no different.

Trey McDonald,17, has a mitochondrial disorder that developed about six years ago.

It attacked his ability to walk and move, and doctors aren't exactly sure what they're fighting.

"There is no diagnosis, there isn't ever going to be a diagnosis."

But those obstacles in Trey's life were put aside when his community voted him Homecoming King Friday night at the game.

"We were really excited to see him win."

Billy McDonald, Trey's dad, says his son has always received an outpouring of support.

"It's been a hard, long road for our family but this is for me kind of the icing on the cake."

In 2014, Chive Charities helped the family pay for their medical expenses.

That same year they got an unexpected donation, a video game, worth $5,600 on eBay.

That's why when Trey was named king by his peers, the family says they were so thankful once again for their community.

"They didn't nominate him homecoming king because he has special needs, they nominated him and crowned him homecoming king because they like him," McDonald said.

And Trey even got to celebrate by being on the field as the football players prepared for the game.

"Seeing how supportive everyone had been, not just last night but over the past week as he was put on the homecoming court," said Crystal McDonald, Trey's mom. "Everyone has been super supportive."