Tahlequah Daily Press // May 8, 2015

‘Chivers’ strive to help others

By Sheri Gourd, Tahlequah Daily Press

At least a hundred people ascended on Hanging Rock Camp this weekend with the mission to party, raise money for charity and “chive on.”

This is the second year that a group of people who follow the websites and social media sites of The Chive and OK Chive have gathered together along the Illinois River. Hailing from Tahlequah, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas, and various other places, this community of “Chivers” bonds immediately, even if having never met before, because they all choose to, as the saying goes, “Keep calm and Chive on.”

“Chive is a group of people who love people and love to help people,” said Donivan Riddle, administrator for the Tahlequah Chive social media sites. “We’re a group who won’t ever judge you; who will hold an event, make you pay to come to it, and take that money and give it to charities.”....

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