// February 23, 2018

Charity organization helps Idaho father gain freedom with all-terrain wheelchair

By Adam Mayer, KHQ Local News Reporter

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Being a dad is a full-time job, but Michael Hrehor always finds time to play with his kids.

He’s a fun-loving father, but playtime can sometimes be cut short.

“At first I just got viral meningitis, thought I got over it, but then about 10 years later I had viral meningitis again,” Hrehor said, “and they said 'hey, you have recurring viral meningitis' and I said ‘that's a thing?’”

Hrehor has lived with Mollaret’s meningitis for the last 20 years, a disease where Michael lives everyday with low-grade viral meningitis.

“I have temporary paralysis, I have seizures, I have fainting where I just faint and become paralyzed,” he said.

Michael spends a majority of his days inside, if he goes out and exhibits symptoms, he could get injured.

"It just makes it unsafe for me to get out of the house to where I could just fall at anytime and hurt my head, I mean I did that a couple weeks ago inside the house and got a concussion,” Hrehor said.

But thanks to the popular social media site, The Chive, and their charity organization, Chive Charities, Michael will be able to be a dad again.

“My wife found these all-terrain wheel chairs and I didn't even know they were a thing and once we realized that this may be something that we might want to do.”

“I emailed them and said 'hey is this something that you guys may be able to do and they said you got us at the perfect time, we'll just pay for the chair for you,” Hrehor said.

The chair, Michael says, is valued at right under $15,000.

It looks like a tank, but it’s something that’ll allow Michael to play outside with his family and be mobile.

"It'll allow me to go out and go hiking as a family and do all the things we used to do that I can't do anymore because I'm stuck in the house,” he said.

Michael says he’ll get the chair within the next few weeks.

Hrehor also says Chive Charities will ship the Action Track-Chair to his home, but he is asking for your help to be able to tow and travel with the chair.