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The video says it all! Making the world 10% happier is a marathon, not a sprint, and we’ve been in the marathon for 7 years now! Every runner knows that it’s that final push towards the finish line that can make all the difference, and that’s why we are racing towards our goal of 3000 active monthly donors. To keep things interesting, you can watch the progress on this map and see which state is sprinting the fastest towards that 3000-mark! 

While there won’t be any medals or post-marathon beer at the end of this race, we are offering some pretty sweet rewards for our donors:

-An exclusive, limited-edition Chive Charities t-shirt

-And the FIRST invitations to Green Gala 2020 to secure your spot in our annual sold out event!

So lace up your shoes, put on that sweatband that you say you wear ironically but actually think you look really cool in, and get ready to make the world 10% happier with 3000 of your closest friends; become a monthly donor HERE!

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