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Since our inception in 2012, Chive Charities has granted donations to over 350 causes across most of the nation. Now, It’s time for our impact to become country-wide. That’s why we are reaching out to YOU to find a deserving potential recipient in need from those 6 missing states and connect them with Chive Charities! We are hitting the road -metaphorically- to find recipients in Washington DC, Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Mississippi, North Dakota, and West Virginia. If you have been waiting to get involved with Chive Charities through means other than financial ones, now is your time to shine! While we have donors in every single state, it is important for us to see our grant support also represented nationwide. That’s why we need the help of our Chive Charities ambassadors to spread the word about our mission so to help us reach that goal.

As you know, this year has turned out to be pretty crazy so far. While we as a society aren’t able to spread love in ways that we are used to -giving hugs, cooking someone a meal, offering to come over and help them with a project- we are still able to connect with others coast-to-coast virtually. What better way to feel connected with one another than to work together toward a common goal: making the world 10% happier! We aren’t just doing this to be able to say we are in all 50 states; it’s truly building a connection of ten percenters coast-to-coast. This is yet another way for our community to be a part of the Chive Charities process. 

So how can you get involved? Well, being an ambassador for Chive Charities couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is spread the word to people in our missing states who you think would be eligible for a grant from us. Not sure who’s eligible? We will equip you with all the tools you need to target your search. You can get started by checking out this handy guide. You can also send our application link to any potential recipients RIGHT HERE.

Spreading happiness across the nation has never been a more pertinent goal, and we are so thrilled to have you all on board with us as we hop on the Freeway to 50! 

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