Porsha O.

Porsha passed her Bar Exam!

December 20, 2019

Porsha is a survivor; no brain tumors, surgery, or law school can keep her down! She recently wrote to us to tell us how things are going for her and her daughter, as well as her service dog, Pearl, who was purchased through a grant from us! 

"I sort of disappeared after the diagnosis that the tumor came back, I apologize. My anxiety came back really strong immediately. What was thought to be a regrowth was actually a pocket full of blood. I had bumped my head (nothing serious so I thought) and that’s exact area is where the pocket was. So I am aware now of how even the smallest things will affect me moving forward.

Pearl is the perfect match. She still isn’t fully housed trained and I blame winter for that. She naturally recognized my medical issues and really does help with my anxiety, she recognizes I do not sleep much and comes to comfort me. I believe her and my daughter have a friendly odds as to which is THE baby girl. I haven’t had her hair cut yet. She has had everything else."

"I found out I passed my Bar Exam and was sworn in a few weeks ago. I’m excited and very hesitant. I want to get back to normalcy and having the license gives me the hope I am just working on the actual courage. Here is another picture from the season. Pearl is caught running around here. She didn’t do too bad for her first shoot she couldn’t figure out how to pose for wanted to get down and jump around. Very hyper pup! In the words of my daughter, “ I just love her”.


We are so proud of you, Porsha! Keep on fighting for the life you and your daughter deserve! 

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